Are you too eager to get in and consume the maximum that you can?

You may feel so eager to consume the maximum amount of food so as to get the greatest “full” sensation as quickly as possible. At the outset we are not interested in whether the food is nutritious and healthy or the known unhealthy stuff that you normally find irresistible. You may feel guilty and bloated later but at the time, the food was all that was important to you. The only discipline that we advise at the outset is – limit the size of each mouthful to the maximum that you can masticate extremely well WITHOUT swallowing part of the mouthful before it was chewed well. Concentrate on being able to spread the food out over a large area in the mouth, whilst allowing the saliva and enzymes the chance to mix in with the food so that it can change its form and then be swallowed no longer as food, but as bolus containing nutrients from the food.