Do overweight people put extra strains and pressure on their bodies?

Excess fat is an all-round hazard. You will notice that we use the term “Fat” and not “Weight”. This is intentional. If you are “overweight”, lose the fat and not the muscle. Excess fat is dangerous. Lose it! Lose that extra fat! The more excess fat you have over what is recognized as a maximum for your body type, age and height, the greater the stress on your spine and joints. If you are carrying too much fat, losing even 10%-15% of your body fat will help the spine and all other body parts to work more efficiently and easier, with much less stresses. Losing excess fat will also make you feel better and help you to maintain a healthier lifestyle. If you are severely obese, talk to your doctor about a fat loss program that will allow you to safely lose excess fat, but make sure the program will not make you lose any of that valuable muscle. Alternatively discuss a few of our ideas that are contained in our articles with your doctor and get his approval to use our natural solutions.

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