What is Body Mechanics?

When you hear the term Body Mechanics, it refers to being able to maintain correct body positions during any movement. Constant or repeated small stresses over a long period of time can cause poor or faulty body mechanics and can lead to injury.

The term Ergonomics is the process of changing your environment or posture to encourage good body mechanics. This can be accomplished by being aware and then changing how you are presently doing common everyday tasks, which must also include checking and being conscious of your desk height, the comfort of your chairs at school and at home, etc.

The essentials of good body mechanics include:

- Learning proper posture, lifting and carrying techniques;
- Becoming aware of your body position during all activities;
- Altering your habits, positions or your environment to provide a safe and efficient work area;
- Practicing good body mechanics at all times, not just when you are recovering from pain or injury.

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