What about the use of Purses – Backpacks – Briefcases?

- Carry only the items that are required for each particular day.
- Avoid a heavy purse (tote, bag) worn over one shoulder. This can place too much weight on one side of the body and can cause neck, shoulder, and back pain. If you must use a bag or briefcase with a single strap, make sure the strap is padded and wide. It is recommended to wear a strap that is long enough to place over the head resting on the opposite side of the bag or briefcase. This can help to distribute the weight more evenly.
- People of all ages use a backpack today – preschoolers, students, office employees, teachers, backpackers, even grandparents! Many people pack the backpack to its absolute capacity! Beware.
- Some children carry almost as much weight in their backpack as they weigh! A loaded backpack should not exceed 15% of the child’s body's weight and should never weigh more than 25 pounds (say 12 kilograms).

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