What are the functions of the Spinal Column?

It is worth mentioning some of the functions of the Spinal Column. This will help you understand why correct posture is so crucial to overall well-being. The Human Spine -
- Gives Protection to the Spinal Cord, Nerve Roots & many internal organs.
- Is the Base for Attachment of the Ligaments, Tendons & Muscles.
- Gives Structural Support for the Head, Shoulders and Chest, Connects the Upper and Lower body.
- Is critical for Balance and proper Weight distribution.
- Flexibility and Mobility
- Allows & controls the following movements -

Flexion (forward bending), Extension (backward bending), Side bending (left and right), Rotation (left and right) And a Combination of all the above.

- As well as - Bones produce red blood cells and store Minerals.

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