What should I know about Posture?

- Posture habits and its effect on everyday basic comforts and mobility is very specific and often most debilitating for this age group.
- It must be appreciated that there has been an annual loss of muscle over many decades, which has made it even more difficult to maintain whatever good posture was developed in your teen years.
- Yet it is important to understand what functions are being adversely affected by poor posture, and then to work out what and how changes can be made to alleviate the discomfort as much as possible.
- It is our intention to deal with various basic postural changes that occur in the elderly, having studied and researched how and why these changes came about. So we are offering suggestions and we will demonstrate changes, in order to make your life more comfortable and as pain-free as possible.
- You will be able to communicate with us and we will keep in contact with you so as to check and encourage you as you go along.
- We will be covering posture and some of its directly related issues such as daily water consumption so important for the whole human system – (Water – The Vital Nutrient), your muscular system and its needs, eating habits and reduction in excess fat where applicable.
- Our years of research have shown that no therapist or doctor can make the changes for you. You are the only one that can effect the changes so as to allow yourself to gain and be in control of your body.

So let’s get to it.