What should I know about Purses, Backpacks and Briefcases?

- People of all ages use a backpack today – preschoolers, students, office employees, teachers, backpackers, even grandparents!
- Some children carry almost as much weight in their backpack as their own bodyweight! As a general rule of thumb, a loaded backpack should not exceed 15% of the body's weight and never more than 24 pounds or 11 kgs!
- Carry only the items that are required for each particular day.
- Many people pack the backpack to its absolute capacity!
- Choose a backpack made of a lightweight but strong material.
- Make sure the shoulder straps are adjustable, wide and padded. A backpack with a waist/hip strap is preferable. Wear the pack with both shoulder straps and hip strap.
- Pack the heavier items towards the back. Backpacks with many compartments can help to equalize and distribute the load more evenly. Pointed and sharp objects should be packed away from the spine.
- Ask for help to lift and position the backpack, so as to avoid swinging it on to the one shoulder and then the other.