Do I have to be continually aware of my Posture?

- Postural awareness is very important. Being constantly aware, contributes largely to your postural re-education because if you are unaware of being in a faulty posture, you won't know when you need to correct it. You must be aware of times when you are hunching up your shoulders while working on the computer, or when your head is pushed or slumped forward.

- Or if you sleep at night with two big pillows under your head which only emphasizes the faulty angle of your head in relation to your shoulders.

- Improving the actual quality of your muscles and connective tissue by being active, doing a few minutes a day of general stretches and, if possible, strength development exercises, is the other aspect of this postural re-education equation. Long-term correction of your posture will only happen when all aspects are understood and addressed. This can be done in stages, and the pace will be determined by you.