What about surgical procedures or jaw-limiting devises?

The underlying principal behind surgical procedures and other jaw-limiting devices, is to limit the intake of food, particularly the per mouthful quantity. This seems to confirm the logic of the natural methods as presented and explained throughout all our articles, which are much less invasive and will be of a life-time benefit.

To summarize –

lease use the very specific tools given to you – to be used in the part you have to play in the critical chewing process. These include –

- Take smaller mouthfuls;
- Chew your food until you have been able to create a nutrient juice from the food;
- Always try to eat your meals in a relaxed atmosphere;
- Savor and enjoy every mouthful;
- The result? A fulfilling experience which will have been performed according to the body’s needs for better health all-round.

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of the chewing process.