How can you wean yourself off the wrong foods?

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I am sure you may have tried time and again, but over time the body has got so used to being fed these foods contaminated with too much fat (the wrong type), too much sugar and too much salt, that change will not be easy but it can definitely happen.

The change needs to take place slowly, possibly even one bad food at a time. Replace it with a salad or fruit. But there is another change that you must make, and that is to chew every mouthful to its maximum. Refer to Teeth and Tongue Functions.

This is critical in order to really appreciate the taste of good food and to help the digestive system work more efficiently.

You will be pleasantly surprised to find that the foods you used to like will taste too greasy, too salty and too sweet. It is tried and tested. Believe it or not.

All the greasy stuff (I can’t call them foods) will lose all their appeal that had become part of your automatic eating mode previously. But there is more to it.

You will begin to notice and enjoy the nutritious flavors that good natural foods contain and you will feel more energetic and less lethargic. This will help you to resist the many fattening foods that contain so much garbage.

Substitute one or two items at a time. Don’t be desperate to either change or lose excess fat. Relax and enjoy the experience. Be positive.
-Drink more water even if you need to add a touch of Diet flavoring.
-Start a meal with a fresh fruit.
-Don't wash your food down with sodas. You will find that the natural juices in good food have enough juicy flavors to satisfy you.
-Feel like a snack? A fresh fruit or vegetable will satisfy beyond belief. Or a home-made whole wheat sandwich with any one of dozens of healthy fillings.

You will find that a good food chewed well provides a satisfying clean result. Most bad foods don't need to be chewed well. They are so full of greasy fats that they will be swallowed before you know it – with disastrous short and long term results.

Our website at has numerous articles and ideas to help you make this most important change in your life, one that does not require dieting. Remember that good nutritious food is the best medicine.