Posture habits and its effect on everyday basic comforts and mobility is very specific and often most debilitating for any age group. The elderly must appreciate that there has been a natural annual loss of muscle over many decades.

Teens must understand that physical changes will place strains on many of the body's systems. All the more reason to form good postural habits at an early age to ensure life-long benefits. Many functions are being adversely affected by poor posture. Only a postural change will alleviate the discomfort.

We cover posture and some of its directly related issues such as fat loss and daily water consumption (so important for your muscular, respiratory and digestive systems and joints) and fat loss. Research has shown that no therapist or doctor can make the changes for you. They can advise. You are the only one that can affect the changes, allowing yourself to gain and be in control of your body.

Some of our relevant articles include:

Founder of Me and My Body: Dr Lionel Phillips


You have guided me to achieve the following results in just 5 months: Fat percentage reduced from 40% to 33.1%. Strength test – 1 Minute sit ups – 35 to 70. Water percentage increase from 44% to 48% - I am honestly working to increase my water intake. Lost 5 kilos (9 pounds) - all without dieting. 22/11/2006