About Us

How did we come to conceive, research and design this program?

Our focus and involvement has been in most spheres of Health, Fitness and Rehabilitation, dating back over 50 years.

Lionel H. Phillips is the Innovator. He is a Doctor of Osteopathy, an International Fitness Instructor, Lecturer, and Fitness & Health Consultant. His main concern is the ever-increasing man-made diseases and ailments world-wide which have reached epidemic proportions. He interviewed a large cross-section of the public so as to establish the reason as to why they were not taking heed of the abundance of healthy lifestyle advice available.

Together with the much valued professional feed-back from the medical fraternity, his ideas were put to the test and were very successful. The answer became obvious. The public was being asked to become exercise fanatics and to curb eating habits beyond their capabilities. So they either did nothing, or tried this and that for a while without success.

Our approach is first and foremost to educate, inform and explain the reasoning behind why the body needs what it does in order to function properly. Starting with “WHAT action I must take, to WHY I have to do it that way, followed by fulfilling the needs of HOW I must do it”.

The content is suitable for all ages in an easy-to-understand format. The information will guide and explain how a healthy and energetic life can be enjoyed by instituting easy-to-do changes that are non-invasive. If you are not providing your Human Body with its very basic needs and requirements, your human body systems will break down with disastrous results. Let us help you Take Control NOW!