• Dear Lionel! What a wonderful website you made, I am so impressed! You must be mighty pleased with yourself! I can see how much thought and energy went into the whole endeavor. This would definitely be a website I would like to recommend to my patients, especially because I like the way you use language, it is positive and encouraging, something I really like. I wish you a lot of success!

    R. K. - Homeopath (RCHom)

  • I have known Dr. Phillips for 35 years. He is renowned as an expert in Physiology, Osteopathy, and gives fitness & health seminars in well known institutions. He is a role model in the area of health, fitness and sport. In the past 4 years I had the honor of training with him 3 times a week. He proved to me what one could achieve with minimum disciplines in order to improve one’s fitness levels and general lifestyle. - 18/2/08


  • Lionel Phillips has himself attained an extremely high level of fitness and is a health educator by example. His systems are easy to follow, they make sense, require minimum time and they really work. - 13/02/08


  • I am 34 years old. At the age of 12, I was traveling on a bus and talking to my friend sitting next to me, when the bus hit a rock and jolted. My head remained facing sideways for 3 days. My whole life changed. I was put in a neck brace for 6 months 24/7. The pain was unbearable. There were days when the headaches were so bad I couldn’t open my eyes. I couldn’t write with my right hand and it was difficult for me to walk or sit. CT’s could not identify the problem. I went to physiotherapy. They were scared to do too much as the slightest movement was extremely painful. I tried everything – short-wave, bio feedback, “magic” healing and chiropractors. I suffered for 3 years until someone recommended that I see Lionel Phillips. He treated me 2 to 3 times a week and gave me specific exercises to do. Gradually the treatments were limited to when I had a bad headache. Without Lionel’s help I don’t think I would have been able to return to a normal life and certainly not to raising my own family. He became an important part of my life and I am forever grateful to him. - 10/11/09


  • In the early 1980’s, after being blessed with 3 young daughters, I began to suffer with pins and needles in my hands. The doctors told me I had bad scoliosis and advised me to do exercise. But what exercise? Who do I go to? I was fortunate in that I was told that a new and very special health club had just opened in the area that was created by Lionel Phillips, an expert in Physiology who had worked with many famous people in the world. There is no doubt that my meeting with Lionel changed my life and also eventually contributed greatly to the changing of my profession. The amount of information on the subject of health and the workings of the muscular system, combined with his pleasant personality, was exceptional. Under his guidance many of his instructors and even members were groomed and became well respected and renowned teachers and instructors in the health and fitness fields. Today, I am a Pilates and bone density building instructor giving aid to those suffering from osteoporosis. - 01/12/09


  • Wow, Wow, Wow! I will carry your notes of advice with me wherever I go. Thank you for all your efforts & input. It is all so brilliantly logical. I hope to do it all correctly and improve my discomfort & agony.- 10/09/2009


  • You have guided me to achieve the following results in just 5 months: Fat percentage reduced from 40% to 33.1%. Strength test – 1 Minute sit ups – 35 to 70. Water percentage increase from 44% to 48% - I am honestly working to increase my water intake. Lost 5 kilos (9 pounds) - all without dieting. 22/11/2006


  • Under your guidance & encouragement, I have increased my Muscular Endurance by 55%, Flexibility 50% and 5% Fat Loss. Your simple explanations are so logical to make one want to test them out. They certainly work. No dieting, but your advice on how to eat was so helpful and effective. - 05/12/2006


  • A car accident 2 years ago left me with whiplash, pains in the hands and arms, neck pain and headaches. Your explanations and advice to alleviate the pains, which included Hydrotherapy, a Stretching routine and changes to my Posture have been incredible. All physio and pain killers were replaced with your suggested disciplines. - 20/05/2007


  • The Parkinson's disease which hit me 9 years ago took away my dignity and all normal comforts. You corrected my posture which helped me to walk and minimized the embarrassing saliva drooling. The stretching and strength exercises made my daily routines easier, which included me starting to write again. I performed movements and tasks that I thought I had lost forever. Thank you so much. - 23/12/2008