Nutritious Food is Your Best Medicine

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The Human Body will react very quickly and more readily to Good Nutrition, rather than Exercise without a change in your eating habits.

Let us examine a few facts –

-  Within days to a few weeks, anyone that needs to lose weight (excess fat), can do so by taking up the challenge to go for a Nutritious Good Food diet for even a limited period of say 3 – 4 weeks.
-  Overweight or sedentary people, who commence an exercise regimen at a club or start an activity like walking, will show very minor, if any improvements over the same period, unless they accompany it with healthy eating.
-  Billions of dollars are spent on weight loss products and services every year. What a waste! Imagine if these billions were invested in caring for the truly unfortunate. They would do cartwheels for a nutritious meal.
-  According to a recent Washington Post report, nearly 17 percent of U.S. medical costs can be attributed to obesity, twice the impact on medical spending previously estimated.  The report, released by the National Bureau of Economic Research, details the findings of a new study that estimates that obesity costs the U.S. around $168 billion per year.
-  It is critical that you fully understand and research any diet plan so that you know how it is intended to help you become healthier and more energetic without compromising your health. Beware of the abundance of ridiculous claims.
-  Understand the reason why we have always stressed the importance of "fat" loss and not "weight" loss. (Lose weight without Dieting) Don't rely on a scale which only measures your overall weight whilst ignoring how much water, muscle or fat you have gained or lost.
-  Get accurate information about your body type and how you can best achieve the changes that you are looking for and succeed in losing that fat permanently.
-  Exercising in an obese condition can be dangerous. It is also not that effective because of the probable lack of knowledge on how to exercise (it is a science after all) as well as having to use minimum resistance for safety reasons. It is imperative to improve your eating habits in order for the exercise or activity to be truly effective.
-  Two thousand five hundred and fifty years ago, Hippocrates told a class of medical students that "THY FOOD SHALL BE THY REMEDY".
-  Proper nutritious food is truly a way of life and healthy living.
-  Yet is seems that the main concern is with synthesizing chemicals which will cure. Have we lost sight of the fact these same chemicals have been lodged in our nutritious foods for many thousands of years.
-  As little as only a few nutritious meals will make an impressive impact on how you feel and propel your energy level to new heights.
-  How does your eating habit affect that magical organ – the Liver? Please take a few minutes to glance through the following facts. We have tried to keep it as simple as possible, albeit that it is one of the most "magical" aspects of the wonders of the Human Body – your greatest asset.
-  The Liver's ("Liver") waste disposal role is of utmost importance to good health. When it begins to fail as a blood filter, we may expect that toxic material will enter the general circulation. It is this toxic material in the general circulation which stimulates the endocrine (in-pouring) to over-activity in a valiant attempt to help the body neutralize and eliminate the irritants resulting from improper digestion (The art and importance of Correct Chewing) of proteins, sugars, starches and fats.
-  So what are the endocrine glands and how are they affected by a diseased liver? The three endocrine glands that concern us here include 1. the adrenal glands, 2. the thyroid gland and 3. the pituitary gland. Other major endocrine glands are the thymus, pineal, and pancreas. One of their most remarkable and mind-boggling aspects is that they are such small bits of tissue. But for all that, their power is enormous and very influential They secrete the substances that they manufacture – called hormones - directly into the blood stream. Hormones are extremely potent and direct and regulate much of the biochemistry of life. More about Hormones -
-  Hormones are your body's chemical messengers. They travel in your bloodstream to tissues or organs. They work slowly, over time, and affect many different processes, including

-        Growth and development
-       Metabolism - how your body gets energy from the foods you eat
-       Sexual function
-       Reproduction
-       Mood

To repeat - Hormones are very powerful. It takes only a tiny amount to cause big changes in cells or even your whole body. That is why too much or too little of a certain hormone can have serious affects.

-  It will now be clear that the condition of the liver directly affects the endocrine glands that manufacture hormones and so on and on.
-  It is obvious that we can assist the amazing and remarkable chain of events controlled by these organs, by eating the right foods. "Do it right" and all systems will
react in accordance with their allocated duties. "Do it wrong" and breakdowns will occur with often devastating results.
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