Exercise – Five Motivational Tools

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Exercising itself acts as a energy booster. In most cases, the actual exercise routine is not the difficult part. What does create a problem is the motivation and discipline to keep it up on a regular basis. And most of us are guilty of looking for an excuse to avoid it. You may find the suggestions below helpful in overcoming those usually lame excuses. If so, the all-round benefits of maintaining a regular routine will be well rewarded. We are referring to any sporting or physical activity that is safe, fun and best suits possibility of keeping it up on a regular basis. You can either take the small step required to decide here and now to get started on a few motivational disciplines, which in turn will be a giant step for your overall health, fitness and energy levels. OR you can take the staged process. First we go through a process from not thinking about changing a behavior, to thinking about it, to planning to change and then testing out ways to do it, all before we actually start.

Whichever fits to your needs, these are five tips for fitness motivation.

- Make exercise a priority. Just like brushing your teeth or going to work, move exercise to the top of your “to-do” list. Once it becomes a habit, getting it to the top of the list will be a piece of cake.
- Set goals. Setting short- and long-term goals are extremely important when beginning or continuing an exercise / activity regimen. Start with a weekly, short-term goal. Try goals like exercising three days a week for a total of 30 - 45 minutes per session. If you need to reward yourself for meeting each goal, include it. Tasks are almost always easier to accomplish when there is something to look forward to in the end.
- Make a specific plan. Set up the specific times on the 3 days which will be most convenient taking all factors in to consideration – travel time, peak hour at the club or on the road etc. Work the rest of your schedule around these new obligations to yourself.
- Link up with a training partner. If you are finding the exercise sessions boring, lonely, lacking in motivation or competition, too repetitive or lack of supervision, working out with a partner can be a great solution. Just the obligation produced by having to keep the date will benefit both sides and keep you on track with your planned workout schedules.
- An enthusiastic fitness trainer. They are there for your benefit. They should be monitoring your progress and making regular changes to your program. They should know what’s best for your body and how best to achieve your aims.

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