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Everybody knows that a tree comes from a seed. All you have to do is put the seed in to the ground, wait a few weeks, and just before the seed disintegrates completely - up from the ground sprouts a tiny oak, or a birch or one of many other wonderful trees depending on the type of seed planted.
Does any of this have to do with The Creator?
After all, everybody knows that seeds come from trees and trees come from seeds.
If you keep saying this enough times, you may come to think of the very first tree, or was it a seed? If it was a tree, where did it come from? But that should be simple to find out. Many people may say that it could have come from something that became something else that became something else and so on and on until eventually we had a lovely tree. And then of course all other trees are just a variation of the same idea.
Or have we got it all wrong? Perhaps there was some type of miraculous organism thousands of years ago that somehow knew that there was going to be such things as human beings and they would need fruit, wood and maybe even shade. So instead of going the same road as a something that became something else and so on and on and then that became a tree, they decided it would just become part of a tree.
So where do we get the idea that a tree could only have been brought about by The Creator?
Could it be that because all the thousands of leaves on a tree are always arranged with the dark, glossy green side facing up, so that they could maximize the effect of the direct rays of the sun in turning life-giving sunlight into food for the tree. And then take note how one branch never grows directly on top off another.
You have noticed how beautiful the color changes of the leaves are as autumn arrives and then turn different colors again before they fall off the tree.
Trees does not drop off its leaves until they are no longer needed for shade or food, and they also hold on to the blossoms until they are fertilized and to their seeds until they are mature and their fruits until they are ripe.
Have you ever thought how one small seed can eventually become such a source protection for bees, squirrels and woodpeckers, as well as how, combined with water and soil, it sprouts roots, leaves, wood and bark?