The Life of a Fruit

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It happens all the time. An apple will eventually fall from the tree unless you pick it first. So what is the big deal?
Well, we have noticed that the apple has been in that tree for weeks. It has survived rain storms, strong winds and sunshine but never fell off the tree. Then almost, as if suddenly, it turns a bright red color and falls off the tree.
When we think about has occurred, all fruits – apples, bananas, oranges, plums, peaches, grapes and cherries – are totally green and in addition, they blend in perfectly with the leaves of the tree before they become ripe and ready for picking.
You may have noticed how taught the skin was, the reason being that as such it would act as a protection against insects whilst keeping its juices protected.
How many times have you bought too many of a fruit and found that it will turn into a brown over-ripe color which loses its appeal and taste if not eaten in time?
Have you ever taken advantage of the free seeds of the fruit which can provide you with a lifetime of fruit? All that is needed is for you to plant them to enjoy the results forever.
But notice that you are not only planting the seed for the fruit. You are going to also reap the benefits of a tree of wood, complete with roots and bark and leaves and blossoms that will produce replicas of the original tasty fruit. Don’t forget to notice that to grow and produce, it needs only water, nourishment, and soil.
This miraculous manufacturing process can be repeated over and over again. Enjoy the Fruits of Life!