Are most of us too busy to take good care of our very own Human Body! Or is it that we are not sure how to provide for it’s Needs?

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Does this statement apply to you?
If so, you can change right now. The information that you require is presented in an easy to read & logical format. And the time needed to read this note? A few minutes. And the time needed to devote to the changes? The absolute minimum. What knowledge is required? Nil.

So what is needed?
All that is required is a minor change in your eating and drinking habits which will be done whilst you are eating your normal meals anyway. However if you wish to commence an exercise and/or stretching program at the same time – a great idea – you should set aside 1 ½ hours a week.

What will I gain from it?
“You have everything to gain and nothing to lose”. After all, your Body requires you to perform certain specific functions and it will take care of the rest. In addition, the Body was designed to BE ACTIVE. Inactivity can be lethal. Link – Read more…

The most common reason for not taking care of our Body is either – “I don’t have the time” or “I don’t know how or where to start”. Or, “Who can I approach for the best advice for me?” When in doubt –
Contact us at Email … and / or continue reading ….

What do I have to do?
The best way to start is to know what your body needs from you. The very basic and most vital duties are:
1. How well you chew (masticate) your food; and
2. Are you drinking enough WATER during the day to satisfy your body’s needs?

If these two requirements are not executed correctly, your body will never be able to stave off the multitude of ailments that will arise.
It is only when these two non-invasive actions are properly handled, that the healthy and energetic feelings will be rightfully yours.
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How long will it take to feel the positive affects?
Within days you will feel the difference and soon thereafter the physical results will be seen.

What about Diets and Exercise?
Dieting is not part of the solution at all. Your body needs to receive all the nutrients that good food can provide and in a form that is necessary for the Digestive System to work at its maximum efficiency.
What about Exercise? It is extremely difficult for those with health problems of any type to become enthused with the idea of exercise. Activity is very important and this could include exercise.
But first things first. Those suffering from ailments of any sort including being over-weight, will not be able to get the benefit from any activity until the first steps – being Chewing correctly and consuming enough Water – are in place. In many cases an activity – even walking – or exercise can be counter productive, as well as limiting any reasonable progress.
Anyone who takes the positive step of joining a health club is doing so in the belief that they will see RESULTS fairly soon. Unfortunately, without applying the minimum disciplines of Chewing well and drinking sufficient Water, their progress will be very slow and minimal, if any at all. Why so? The first few months would require that minimal resistance or intensity be used until such time as the user gets acquainted with the correct know how and slowly but surely is able to increase the resistance or weights used. The same principal applies to Aerobic workouts. It takes time before being able to master the movements and work at any reasonable level of intensity for the exercise to be effective.

Will combining the disciplines of Chewing well and drinking the required amount of Water will make all the difference?
Definitely! After all, would your motor car perform as designed if it receives impure gasoline or oil or even if the tires did not have the correct air pressure? It is a rhetorical question because we would never treat our motor cars in the way that we treat our own bodies.

What will I be achieving and what results can I expect to feel or see from these two basic needs together with an Exercise program?
A whole new world of increased energy and vitality as well as positive physical and mental changes. Whereas the Chewing and Water disciplines are daily requirements, benefits from an exercise program can be achieved with the investment of as little as 30 minutes 3 times a week. You will be required to work at a steady rate for the full half hour, slowly but surely increasing the intensity as you begin to feel stronger and more confident. Whilst learning the proper techniques, you should try to understand the reason for each exercise and what you are trying to achieve with each movement. Apply full concentration on yourself, whilst closing off all other business and social issues. In return, you can expect your Body to react to its daily tasks with “enthusiasm”, simply by adapting to this program which is based on years of research by the world’s foremost health, fitness and medical institutions. You will
· Avoid and/or reduce ailments and pains; · have more energy; · look and feel better; · carry out your daily tasks more efficiently; · have less visits to the doctor; · lose excess fat and/or increase the quality of your muscles and connecting tissues (tendons & ligaments) and bones; · have improved posture, with reduced stress and fewer headaches; · have improved concentration and moods and be better equipped both physically and mentally to play with your kids and /or grandchildren; · have more patience; · enjoy improved relationships with family, friends and business associates; · be in much less danger of becoming another statistic in the ever-spiraling list of illnesses and ailments, most of which are man-made.

Is all this and more not worth the investment of 1 ½ hours a week and a few non-invasive changes in habits?
Frequent our website for a quick tour. Check out the list of articles or parts of an article that may be of interest to you and do the same with the exercise and stretching routines. The full list can be viewed by clicking on the link “Browse”.

What is my next step? START NOW!
You do not have to become an exercise fanatic. Neither do you need to go on a strict diet, or any diet. Give it a test run for a few weeks. You will be amazed at the positive changes that can be achieved in a short space of time. The Body is made to be active. We repeat - Inactivity is the killer – not Activity.

Let’s Do It – Now! Keep in touch. Let us know how you are progressing.