The Human Body & Its Miracle Make-Up A Quick Tour of Appreciation

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This “Around the Human Body in 20 Minutes” has been produced to impress and/or remind you of the thousands, millions, billions and even trillions of tasks being carried out by our bodies 24/7.
There is no invention by man that even resembles the Human Body in its absolute genius or function. Maybe it is for that very reason that we take advantage of it and tend to ignore and not “read the instructions” on how it should be serviced and cared for. No wonder that the world is suffering from so many sicknesses of epidemic proportions – most of which could be avoided because they are man-made.
We believe that if you take this opportunity to understand – through simple terminology – the functions of the body, and thereafter become familiar with the basic needs, you will be better equipped to provide for improved care and appreciation of your miraculous machine.
Prevention is better than cure. However few realize that prevention is almost entirely in their control.