What are the functions of the Human Skin?

So what is skin?
Skin is another miracle organ. It is soft, pliable, strong, waterproof, and self-repairing. It's the largest organ of your body, and without it, all your delicate organs would not be held in place.
Along with a layer of fat underneath, it insulates you against all kinds of damage, wear and tear. It keeps germs and water OUT (unless you have a break in your skin) and keeps your body's fluids and salts IN.
Your skin also contains glands which manufacture sweat. With sweat, not only does your body get cooled by its evaporation, but it has a convenient way to get rid of chemicals it doesn't need.
Skin is alive. It's made of many thin sheets of layers of flat, stacked cells in which you'll find nerves, blood vessels, hair follicles, glands, and sensory receptors. Your skin is constantly being regenerated and replaced.