- Imagine purchasing the most extremely sophisticated and modern machine imaginable.
- It has the latest modern technology and can perform the most delicate or robust functions.
- You do not need a license to operate it.
- It comes with a lifetime guarantee.
- It can do almost any tasks asked of it an be trained to achieve the most strenuous and difficult work and sport functions.
- You should not even require a major service every 6 – 12 months or after X number of hours usage.
- Its only requirement is to feed it at prescribed intervals, take care of what is fed to it, and the amounts will vary according to usage & how active it is.
- Activity, similar to the requirement of any machine, is critical.
- There are also a few “Do’s and Don’ts” that will need to be put in to place, none of which will be invasive, but would in fact make everything in your life easier to handle, more enjoyable, pain-free and worthwhile

Surely it is worth checking the instructions in order to get the best performance possible from your machine?
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