Habits Related to Real Life Situations

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Many people get inspired and motivated to go on a journey; they actually pack their bags—literally or metaphorically—and set out on their way. But after a while, albeit with the best intentions to make lifestyle changes, they end up coming right back where they started, repeating the same old patterns.

Good intentions are pure and real. Many have made themselves a promise at one time or another to make one or more changes to their lifestyle. But we have so many things weighing us down which cause well-intentioned plans to fail.  So maybe the key to meaningful change is not so much knowing how to make all those well-intended changes, it's knowing how to unload the past, so that it shouldn't shape our future and bring us back to our old patterns.

Ask yourself: In what areas of your life are you repeating old patterns?  In what ways are they damaging to you? Once established, try to offload one issue at a time. Measure your progress and the results realistically and honestly one step at a time.