This single word covers a vast array of options. Diets, cover more "Myths" vs. "Facts" than almost any other subject. Most of the claims as to the benefits border on the ridiculous, never mind the dangers involved. But the unwitting and desperate are continually looking for the "quick fix" and more often than not, suffer the circumstances for life. As most diets refer to weight loss rather than weight gain, this is the issue under discussion.

Be wary of BMI (Body Mass Index) results. The use of these height & weight charts - launched in 1912 - to estimate or determine one's ideal body weight is just a wild guess. They do not take in to consideration all components of the composition of the body – height, weight, fat and water. Weight, because of varying muscle mass and because muscle is many times heavier than fat, throws the stats way off.

The Diets that work best are those that follow well-researched needs of the Human Body. One must understand and accept that you cannot count on short cuts, quick weight loss, sudden large reduction in calorie intake, as well as the high price that is being paid – health wise – for misinformation. Many experts and not-so-experts are continually vieing for media attention, whilst fad industry advertisements pound away at our subconscious minds non-stop. It took months and years of poor eating habits to get to the obese stage. You cannot undo the damage overnight. It has to be a plan according to YOUR needs, without prioritizing unrealistic losses or time goals.

Beware. To actually lose weight is easy – just stop eating! As this is impractical or ridiculous, it has to be right for you to achieve lasting results – keep eating according to the needs of your body, concentrate on losing fat - not muscle - and take it a step at a time.

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Founder of Me and My Body: Dr Lionel Phillips


You have guided me to achieve the following results in just 5 months: Fat percentage reduced from 40% to 33.1%. Strength test – 1 Minute sit ups – 35 to 70. Water percentage increase from 44% to 48% - I am honestly working to increase my water intake. Lost 5 kilos (9 pounds) - all without dieting. 22/11/2006