Eating More behind Weight Gain, Not lack of Exercise

“If you think pumping iron vigorously at a gym or doing 100 plus abdominal exercises a day is the best way to lose weight, think again. Instead, watch what and how you are eating – and cut calories”. All this and more according to a paper published in the International Journal of Obesity. A balanced diet is instrumental in shedding that extra flab, in addition to all the other positive benefits.

An Aberdeen University study that analyzed two decades of data on energy expenditure, reached the conclusion that people become obese due to too much incorrect eating more than lack of exercise.

However, the researchers stressed that physical activity is good for the body in other ways and should be part of a "healthy, balanced lifestyle."

The best way to “ready” your body for exercise is to start off by eating smart. Lose the excess fat, which can be achieved much easier and more affectively through correct and healthy eating habits, rather than by exercising whilst your body if out of condition.