What is the Advantage AND Importance of CHEWING WELL?

An improved Digestive System;
Your body will receive and be able to absorb all the nutrients;
You will taste and enjoy your food more;
You will consume less but feel more satisfied;
You will be carrying out the only part of the Digestive System process over which you have been given control.

You will not feel the need to guzzle your food down as if there was no tomorrow.

Everyone, especially the overweight or obese will benefit by it!

What tools do we have for this express purpose?

1. Our TEETH – Perfectly designed and positioned

Why do we have four different types of teeth, all specifically placed for the maximum efficiency of – Chewing?
Amongst their very important functions are –
cutting and biting
tearing and shredding
and then the final chewing and grinding of the food before swallowing.

Why all the fuss? Because food must be broken down in to the smallest and most well masticated pieces possible before being swallowed! Refer to http://www.meandmybody.com/article.php?articleId=401

There are four different types totaling 32 teeth in the mouth of an adult to get it right. So don’t rush it and swallow before the chewing of each mouthful is complete. The teeth, tongue, saliva and enzymes are all there TO GET IT RIGHT. Only you stand in the way of getting it right or wrong!

2. The Human Tongue – The Commander-in-Chief

What do I have to gain by taking notice of the functions of the tongue?

First and foremost, you should give yourself a chance to understand the functions of the tongue and its multitude of duties. Your behavioral patterns, especially related to how you chew and prepare the food for entry into the rest of the digestive system, can play a major role in helping the digestive process to do its work more efficiently, which means that all the organs will be able to carry out their tasks as intended. These simple positive changes are entirely in your hands and will change your quality of life for the better and forever.