The Miracle of the Egg Shell

When it comes to the Human Body and Nature, there are no shortages of "Miracles". One very fascinating wonder of nature is the Egg Shell.

What is so special about the Egg Shell?

The Egg Shell is just another great example that we may take so much for granted. So let us put it in to perspective.

Why does every species have different texture Egg Shells?

It should be obvious. But is it? Have you or your offspring ever given it more than a moment’s thought? If not, let us examine the “miracle” more closely. Every species that lays an egg has a shell that is specific with its very own features and texture.

Is there a simple example to prove this?

Yes. Let us take the chicken as a simple example. Everyone would possibly have been exposed to a chicken in one way or another. The egg shell must be thick and strong enough to take all the pressures involved when the hen lays the egg. On the other hand the shell must not be too thick or else the chick will not be able to push its way out when it is ready to do so. Imagine if the shell was too thin. The chick would not be anything but a liquid mess.

Could this be by accident?

If this was purely an accident or a freak of nature, that “accident” would have to be repeated millions of times a year so as to have the exact texture occur time and again.

After all, there are thousands of possible thicknesses that the shell could have been if it was a random process. In any case, only by repeating the required regular standard thickness time after time, would the chick be able to break through and live.

This precise process does not only apply to chickens. Give a thought to all the species that lay eggs, amongst which are fish, reptiles, birds, alligators and ostriches. And each egg shell has to be exactly right for that species. If not, none of them would survive.

Where would that leave us as a Human Race?

What does it tell us about the millions of “miracles” that are occurring in our bodies every day and every night.

The message is obvious. We should be aware not to tamper with or disregard the needs of our bodies and we must know how these needs must be provided. In addition, nothing in the make-up of our bodies occurs by “accident”. In the majority of cases, other than the unfortunate few, every aspect of the Human Body is perfectly designed and functions exactly as intended. This is no small feat considering that trillions of things are happening in the body at the same time.

It is up to us to safeguard and not abuse our Body. Take charge now. It is in your hands.