What are the ways to prevent back pain?

There are Six Key rules for Prevention. These are.

1. Posture – The most common reason for strains or sprains to your back occur by over-stretching of the supportive structures. Bad stretching occurs when the lower back is bowed out backwards. To prevent injury, your lower back must maintain its normal shape or posture at all times.
2.Rest - Proper relaxing rest is vital to the maintenance and function of a healthy back.
3.Body Mechanics - Extended, reaching or staying in one place for a long time is sure to create a problem. Learning how to treat and hold your spine in its most natural and strong position will avoid injuries.
4.Lifting - Most back injuries occur whilst either lifting or pushing. There are techniques that can be learned and easily applied to avoid injury.
5.Exercise - Because we are continually asking our back to perform duties that are not always within its safety zone, correct exercise is an important part of the prevention of back injuries. It should be a daily goal to maintain good disciplines, mobility and strength in your back. Stretching and exercise should be a regular part of your life.
6.Excess Fat - If you are carrying an excess, there are non-invasive ways to get rid of it and still maintain your muscle. You will notice that we refer to “Fat” and not weight. Everyone can benefit from reading and implementing the simple ideas that we have explained in the article of “The First Stage of the Digestive System”. Carrying excess fat is doing more than damage to the spine – every system is being affected.