What advice are you offering to the Parkinson's sufferer?

We will attempt to offer practical positive advice based on actual case studies.

Because there are so many levels and types of functions that may have been impaired, it is advisable to read through the various points and then pick up on any that may be relevant in your instance. The information is far from extensive, but rather specific and with patience, can be provided by family and/or care-givers with good results.

Patience and a slow but sure improvement in even the most trivial skills can be very significant, which in turn promotes a sense of confidence and determination by the sufferer to keep up with the challenges.

These unfortunate sufferers were invariably proud and active citizens. They have lost that pride and it is up to all those involved in their welfare to try and restore as much of that past glory as possible.

What are some of the usual physical problems of a Parkinson's sufferer?