As a Parkinson’s sufferer, how can swallowing problems affect my quality of life?

Swallowing and eating problems can have a tremendous impact upon a person’s quality of life at home and on their social life. People with these problems can become anxious about swallowing anything for fear of choking.

Their family and friends may also worry about the person choking and what to do if they do choke. They are anxious about the mess that they make when eating so that all the fun of eating together can disappear.

Many people with swallowing problems will understandably eat less than normal and weight loss will occur. They cannot enjoy eating, feel embarrassed, and become tense and apprehensive which can lead to them experiencing panic or anxiety attacks before mealtimes. Since eating and drinking are such essential parts of life and are so tied in with the socializing aspects of life, they must be given all the help possible with these critical eating problems.