What do I have to do that will be best for the Digestive System?

You are needed to play your part simply by chewing or masticating every bit of food that you put into your mouth AS WELL AS YOU CAN. No shortcuts are allowed. Take your time and enjoy every mouthful. Take smaller mouthfuls and allow your tongue to control the chewing and duties of the teeth, cheeks, lips, saliva and enzymes. When the tongue is happy with the result, it will send small amounts of what is now known as bolus through the epiglottis (the little trap door) and into the esophagus.
It is extremely important that YOU get this stage right so that all the organs of the digestive system will be given the best chance to do all that they have to do efficiently, which will give you energy, help kids to grow and allow all ages to build new cells and tissues (such as our skin) and to repair old tissues.