How do I start thinking right?

As a start, you must know WHY your body requires specific actions and behavior from you. If you do not understand why your body must receive specific actions on your part, how can you be expected to appreciate its importance? These essentials are - Control the chewing process. Smaller more manageable mouthfuls that can be spread out over as much surface in the mouth as possible. - Whilst this is going on the saliva and enzymes will be helping to change the status of the “food” in to “nutrients” that the rest of the digestive system will be waiting for. - You are fully in charge of this first & most important part of the Digestive System. Once the swallowing process starts, you have no further control. - You will also be making it a lot easier for the balance of the organs involved in the digestive system to carry out their functions as they were designed to do. Reference Links: - The Digestive System - Water – The Vital Nutrient - The Human Tongue - Stretching & Flexibility