Does the tongue have a “normal” appearance?

You must become familiar with the condition of your own tongue. Try to regulate your life, particularly your eating habits, so that your tongue will be normal in appearance, and, if there is some change in its condition, make an effort to determine and eliminate the cause without delay.
When you become familiar with the normal condition and color of your own tongue, you should find it to be elimination system and not coated.
The tongue almost invariably becomes coated at the beginning of any illness, particularly in all feverish processes;
The tongue is examined and observed diagnostically in traditional Chinese medicine. A painful tongue may be an indication of several underlying medical conditions. Think how often your doctor would ask you to "stick out your tongue" at the outset of an examination for various symptoms, as white spots and patches or coating of the tongue is a symptom of several medical conditions;
Injury to the tongue is often very painful. The tongue is vulnerable to various cancers;
With the slightest indigestion it becomes dry and coated, particularly if you breathe through your mouth at night. If heavily and persistently coated, the cause may be serious indigestion or due to some mouth infection;

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