Does the tongue have any connection to bad breath?

A condition that our family and close friends are expected to tell us about, but often don't, is bad breath. This may be caused as the result of certain foods which have been eaten - onions, garlic and radishes being common sources of such odors. Tobacco and alcohol are also a source of much bad breath. Indigestion, infected mouth, infected tonsils, dry catarrh of the nose and throat, pyorrhea, trench mouth, decayed teeth, ill-fitting crowns, dirty bridges, decayed particles of food in the teeth, are other common causes. A bad breath is most disagreeable, something which can be difficult to tolerate by family, friends and business associates. It can have a serious bearing on your future success in life. Unless it is not possible to remove the cause through better living and eating habits as well as dental care, medical advice should be sought;

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