Obesity – Can We Win The Battle? Yes!

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- Can you think of any subject that has had more publicity and diversity of opinions over the last two decades than “OBESITY”?
- Why is there such an obesity epidemic?
- What are the health and medical specialists doing to correct the obesity epidemic from continuing its upward spiral?
- Are you taking note of the recommendations on how to overcome obesity?
- Are you willing to start an exercise program that involves 6 – 9 hours of supervised activity? Doubt it!
- Do you understand what is meant by the advice to “Watch your diet”? If so, are you doing what you believe this means to correct your over-weight or obese problems?
- Have you been medically diagnosed as having a particular physical or hereditary problem that has caused the obesity?
- Have you ever been educated about the workings of the Human Digestive System? Particularly the first stage – the chewing process?
- Did you ever consider that the first stage of the Digestive System process – that of Chewing – is the only part of the entire process over which you have complete control?
- Did you ever realize that once the food is swallowed, the digestive processes thereafter are completely out of your control?
- Would you prefer to have surgery – for example Bariatric surgery – which, by the way, requires you to commit to a life-long exercise regimen in order to be classed as successful?
- Would you consider starting a controlled exercise program – even from home - in order to start a positive new habit that can only stand you in good stead for the rest of your life?
- Would you agree with the statement that obese people have lost control over one of the most elementary aspects of their lives?
- Can we assume for a moment that you are say 20 kilograms or 44 pounds overweight? It is really immaterial whether you are male or female or a teenager. Now, the next question is whether you have or are able to lift that weight and spend the day carrying it around with you? This weight is usually the maximum allowed by the airlines for an un-accompanied suitcase. How would you manage?
- Have you noticed that most obese people are “fast eaters”? Whilst technically there is nothing wrong with eating fast, the problem is that most fast eaters DO NOT CHEW THEIR FOOD SUFFICIENTLY WELL!
- Have you heard of the theory that you should chew each mouthful say 20 or 30 or whatever number of times? Let us discuss a few weaknesses: Firstly, surely it depends on what is being eaten? Then, will it not depend on the condition of your teeth and gums? Will this not have a bearing on your age as well? Can you imagine how difficult it is to a) concentrate on a discussion whilst counting the number of chews, and b) how exhausting it is on the jaw muscles?
- Have you ever been on a Diet? How many? If more than one, then can we assume that some or most were unsuccessful?
- How do most diets work? They rely on a reduction in calories – which is energy – which in turn will make your body lower its working rate (metabolic rate). This is an automatic safety process initiated by your body.
- Did you realize that by reducing your calorie intake through a diet, without partaking in an exercise building program, you will lose fat AS WELL AS MUSCLE, which no one can afford to do, especially obese people who have limited muscle anyway compared to exercisers?