In summary format, what do overweight (over-fat) and obese sufferers need to do?

- Take smaller mouthfuls of food, so as to allow them to spread the contents over as large an area as possible whilst chewing the contents to its maximum – change the contents from food to nutrients to eventually be absorbed in to the system.
- By adhering to this eating method, they will eat less, enjoy it more and provide the digestive system with what it needs and how it needs it.
- Eat in a relaxed mode without tension and aggravation.
- Avoid sloshing the food down with sodas and the like. If anything, enjoy a glass of wine.
- Drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water per day, starting the day off with a glass of water rather than a coffee or tea.
- Be aware of your posture whilst seated. Don’t slouch forward but sit upright with a good back support.
- Don’t rely on one large meal a day. Rather have at least 3 or more smaller meals.
- Slowly try to include fresh vegetables and fruits in to the daily menus. The ideal is to eventually consume a combination of up to five per day, including cooked vegetables.
- It is preferable to have fruits before rather than after a meal.