Is the message about correct eating habits and exercise getting across?

Quote: “Part of the problem is that the message about eating well is necessarily more complicated than the messages of other health campaigns. The recommendations for preventing tobacco-related illnesses are pretty straightforward: Don't smoke. But given that "don't eat" is not an option, there isn't such a concise recommendation for eating well and staying fit. It's more like, "Eat plenty of these, and not so much of that or those, and remember to exercise a lot."

Unfortunately that sort or message is too vague and too general to be understood and/or to propel the overweight and obese to react and make some urgent positive changes. You need the guidance and step-by-step supervision and encouragement that “Me & My Body” is able to provide.

Once you make up your mind and understand that YOU are the only one that has the power to take control of your lifestyle habits, and that there is an alternative to being fat, you will be making a life-saving decision.

Get in to the swing of these non-invasive habits NOW.