What is the correct standing position?

1. THINK TALL – Stretch the top of your head toward the ceiling. Do this by imagining that you have a hook pulling at the hair on top of your head towards the ceiling. This will also help to keep your shoulder blades well aligned (but relaxed) and in a strong, confident position. This concept must be practiced when you are standing or sitting. Don’t pull your shoulders back or upwards un-naturally - you cannot hold them in such an un-natural position.
2. Hold your head up straight with your chin relaxed. Do not tilt your head forward, backward or sideways.
3. Your earlobes should then be in line with the middle of your shoulders.
4. Keep your chest naturally forward, not sunken.
5. Straighten at the knees, but do not lock or tighten them.
6. Tuck your abdominal area in by tensing / squeezing the abdominal muscles, which will tilt your pelvis slightly forward and up.
7. The arches in your feet should be supported by good footwear.
8. Avoid standing in the same position for a long time. When this is necessary, keep shifting your weight from one leg to the other, and try to elevate one foot by resting it on a stool or box or bar if possible. After several minutes, switch to the other foot.
9. If possible, adjust the height of the work table or desk to a comfortable level.

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