Does Water help Muscle Toning and Function?

- Water helps to maintain proper muscle tone by allowing muscles to exercise their natural ability of contracting and by preventing dehydration.
- Proper hydration is the key to a fit body.
- Water helps the sagging of skin following weight loss.
- Water can plump the skin and leave it clear, healthy, and resilient.
- When the water content of the muscle cells is reduced, the result is stiffness and pain.
- Because the muscles hold your bones in place, this stiffness can cause misalignment in your bone structure, such as the spine.
- When the bones of your spine are out of alignment, this can create various degrees of pain in many areas of the body.
- It also lowers the effectiveness of the nervous system, reducing your body’s ability to flow nutrients to the organs and properly heal itself.
- You can usually get some short-term relief from a massage or one of the many alternative types of treatments; however the chances are that the primary source of the problem will remain, being less than optimum hydration.