How much Water does the Body require per day?

- Unlike many of the nutrients, there isn't a specific daily recommendation for water intake.
- Part of the reason is the variability in individuals related to the climate in which you live, physical activity, age, state of health and body size.
- Under typical circumstances adults may replenish up to eight cups of fluid each day.
- Typical water output is two quarts (2.5 liters) or more of water each day.
- Water losses in urine account for about three-fourths of daily losses. Remaining losses come from sweat, as tiny water droplets in the air as we exhale, and through feces.
- Infrequent urination or dark yellow urine may be an indication you could use more fluid intake each day. Every day, we lose approximately one pint (0.625 liters) of water

from our bodies just from exhaling. Similarly we can lose a cup of water whilst sleeping during the night. Here is the simple formula for determining the amount of water needed daily: Total body weight in pounds, divided by one half, equals the amount of water needed daily in ounces. For example, 100 pounds (say 45 kgs) divided by 2 = 50 pounds (23 kgs), therefore, consume 50 ounces (say 7 cups) of water per day. To this must be added extra water depending on the activity level.