Is there a benefit in Detoxification?

- We live in a toxic world.
- We are being bombarded with toxic materials from every corner.
- Pesticides (pest killers), insecticides (insect killers) and herbicides (plant killers) are all poisons that are sprayed on the produce you consume and are absorbed by them, rendering washing them, in most cases, ineffective.
- Chemicals in toiletries and cleaning supplies are also poisonous.
- We are exposed to environmental pollutants all the time in the home and office.
- Water is a major factor in any detoxification process.
- Detoxification is a series of chemical reactions that take place inside the cells of the liver in which the liver cells convert the toxic fat-soluble toxin to water-soluble.
- The end product of most detoxification reactions is a water-based substance that can then be urinated, exhaled, defecated, or sweated out of the body.
- All of these routes of elimination are water-based.