Does Water help to Cleanse the body?

- Water helps cleanse your stomach and aid your digestion.
- In fact, I strongly recommend drinking room temperature water between meals as it helps flush your stomach clean after processing its last meal so that no small, trapped pieces of food remain in it.
- A clean stomach can relax, rest and stop producing acid.
- Drinking room temperature water between meals rinses the small intestine too.
- It loosens up the food particles, which helps them move faster to the next section of the digestive tract for further processing.
- Water in the small intestine is much needed to help carry essential nutrients through the intestinal walls to the bloodstream.
- By doing that, it aids absorption of nutrients, making you require less food – a definite benefit for weight reduction.
- Drinking room temperature water between meals also helps to flush out old food particles, helping beneficial intestinal bacteria to keep the inside of the intestines clean.
- Water also helps clean the large intestine (colon).
- By moving in and out of the large intestine through the intestinal wall, water is exchanged with the fluid outside the cells, controlling the volume of this fluid throughout the body.
- Water softens the waste so you do not have to strain to get it out.